EAGER to get a great shot of an elephant? Yes, you read right, you can get your best shot – photographic shot that is – at Zambezi Crescent’s magnificent lodge in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Grab your camera, backpack and tripod and go on the hunting adventure of a lifetime… In addition to the exhilaration of capturing a myriad of magnificent resident wildlife species, in the natural surroundings of the Zambezi National Park, guests on a photographic safari will discover sunsets, bird life and so much more to photograph during their stay at Zambezi Crescent Collection’s flagship accommodation – Victoria Falls River Lodge.

Here is the first of a four-part series of interviews with professional photographers who have visited and stayed at Victoria Falls River Lodge.

Ryan Plakonouris

Ryan owns a business that operates according to three fundamental pillars that pertain to digital art: namely creativity, travel and charity. The creative aspect entails image management and producing high quality image content for digital marketing. The travel component encompasses photographic safaris and workshops. He is also the CEO of a non-profit organisation that utilises photography to generate funds for humanitarian causes around the world. Ryan initially pursued a career in wildlife conservation before turning to professional photography. He now offers photographic safaris within South Africa, where his years of wildlife guiding, and hospitality experience, perfectly complement his award-winning photographic skills.

Would you recommend a Photographic Safari to Victoria Falls River Lodge?

There are few places in the world with such beautiful sunsets and sunrises as may be enjoyed in Victoria Falls. The atmospheric conditions and cloud formations are wonderfully photogenic because of the intensity of the rich colours. The water’s reflection from the Zambezi River adds yet another element to taking beautiful images. If one were able to spend 2-4 days at the Lodge, one could very well get that ‘perfect shot’.

I took a photo of a moonbow at the Falls, during the supermoon phenomenon. It happens only at certain times of the year when the supermoon’s light and the mist of the Fall’s spray create a moonbow. When the Zambezi River is in flood, a huge amount of mist is formed and – although tricky – an image of a moonbow over the Victoria Falls is another great photographic opportunity for photography enthusiasts.

What is your favourite photograph from Victoria Falls? Why?

Elephants are a bucket-list photo for most photographers because they are such magnificent animals. The elephants come down on a daily basis to drink water at the river’s edge, close to Victoria Falls River Lodge. They also swim in the river, and I would say those were my favourite images from Victoria Falls River Lodge.

Photography enthusiasts can take similar images from the safety of a boat, which is skippered by a guide from the Lodge, and would be able to capture the elephants in the Zambezi River from a reasonable and safe distance. The best time of day to capture these images would be late afternoons between 15:00 and 18:00, as the light’s intensity is less and there are nice reflections, and colours are richer, when the sun is lower.


Any general advice for photography enthusiasts visiting Victoria Falls River Lodge that could help them bring home memorable pictures from their Photographic Safari?

• Keep your camera as steady as possible for a sharp image;
• Balance light and shadows;
• Keep your shutter speed as high as possible for wildlife photography;
• Framing and composition are important: you should carefully consider when cutting off elements. Although this may work sometimes, it may oftentimes also be better not to cut a component. Careful consideration, in each composition, will determine whether you should or shouldn’t;
• Remember that your background is just as important as your subject – show the animals as they appear in their natural environment/ surroundings.