EXPERIENCING the African bush on foot is a sensory experience – with every step, visitors become an active part of the landscape.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Walking Safaris are extremely popular among guests at Victoria Falls River Lodge, particularly those staying for three nights or more.

On the Walking Safaris our trained Guides not only assure the safety of the guests, but also teach guests the art of tracking the spoor of large and small animals living in the Zambezi National Park.

As opposed to experiencing wildlife by boat, canoe or vehicle, Walking Safaris afford the visitor the opportunity to focus not only on seeing big game, but also on noticing smaller wildlife, birds, insects and appreciating the surrounding plant life.

Most of the Zambezi National Park consists of Mopane Woodland with a thin strip of Riverine Bush along the edge of the river.

Victoria Falls River Lodge Group General Manager Roddy Meiring said all the Walking Safaris that guests partake in, are approximately 3 hours long. This includes a drive into the deeper bush area where the vehicle is left, and the bush walk starts.

“Visitors can expect to see everything but the rhino. Game viewing is also dependent on the seasons – with the dry months from June to October being a more active period for animal spotting in the park,” said Meiring.

A wide variety of larger mammals live in the Zambezi National Park including elephant, lion, buffalo and leopard. In addition, herds of sable antelope, eland, zebra, giraffe, kudu, waterbuck and impala, as well as many of the smaller species of game, make the Park their home.

“For safety reasons, there are always two Guides on our Walking Safaris: one is a Professional Guide who is fully licenced and carries a fire-arm, and the second is a Learner Guide who walks behind the guests,” said Meiring.

The trail will differ on each Walking Safari, depending on game movements, and all visitors – of beginner, average to higher fitness levels – are encouraged to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

More about our Walking Safaris:

• Cost is US$100 per person.
• Minimum age for children accompanied by parents on a Walking Safari is 12 years of age.
• All Walking Safaris are subject to a minimum of 2 guests and a maximum of 6 guests.
• As with all Wildlife and Outdoor Adventure Activities there is an inherent element of risk involved in Walking Safaris
• All Walking Safaris into the Zambezi National Park are conducted by a Licensed Professional Guide.