LIKE the location, the meals at Victoria Falls River Lodge are exotic, sophisticated and adventurous – everything you would expect from a luxury lodge in Africa… and more. Exceeding visitors’ fine dining expectations is what the passionate staff strive for – with a total of nine chefs working at Victoria Falls River Lodge to daily serve the very best meals onto visitors’ plates.

Zambezi Crescent, Victoria Falls River Lodge, Zambezi River, near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls River Lodge Food and Beverage Manager Camilla Meiring prides herself on the variety of the meals and ingredients offered to guests.

“Guests will never have the same menu during their stay – besides breakfast. We enjoy changing and adapting the menu and our team sources only the best local products,” said Camilla.

A typical meal that could be enjoyed by guests – set in the spectacular natural surroundings and beautifully decorated lodge interior/exterior dining areas – would almost always include a touch of African inspiration.

The wonderful combinations of flavours unique to Southern Africa are sure to set guests’ palates off on a taste adventure. The fine dining journey at Victoria Falls River Lodge could include local favourites, like sadza (an African starch accompanying meals), baobab fruit or maas (a dairy product similar to yoghurt) as part of creative meal combinations. And for the more adventurous protein combinations, guests will not be disappointed by taking a chance on our firm favourites – ostrich steak, Mopani worms or Kapenta (local sardines). Camilla says the brand-new dining area built earlier this year to provide a novel alternative and private dining space for Victoria Falls River Lodge guests, has been very well received. The alternative dining area specialises in traditional African meals and allows guests to experience local cuisine in a beautiful new setting while getting a real ‘taste’ of African culture and hospitality.

Zambezi Crescent, Victoria Falls River Lodge, Zambezi River, near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

The Victoria Falls River Lodge kitchen, custom-designed by Bruce Bromberg (American Celebrity Chef from ‘Blue Ribbon’ fame), produces menus catering to all tastes, including Vegan and Gluten-free meals.

A choice wine list, boasting a unique and comprehensive collection of fine Southern African wines, offers guests numerous options that will complement any menu. Truly… the only thing to rival our food is the view of the mighty Zambezi River.