FOR South American travel blogger Robson de Paiva Gomes (Paixão Por Viajar) and his partner, Simone Morais Oliveira, their recent getaway to Victoria Falls River Lodge was simply magical.

Their stay in the romantic and secluded Starbed Treehouse was the perfect getaway to spend quality time together. Gomes said there is no doubt that Victoria Falls River Lodge certainly has that “honeymoon feeling”, allowing for plenty of couple time in a dreamy, enchanted setting. 

“The trip was truly unique. The entire experience of being close to the river, close to nature in a safe and perfect place was the right combination to call this trip a ‘must-do’. The combination of experiences makes this trip, one of the best we have had in 2019,” said Gomes.

And this is some achievement since Gomes travels the world as a blogger and social media influencer for Paixao Por Viajar, the largest travel community in Brazil.

Asked if he would recommend the Lodge to other travellers, Gomes had the following to say:

“Recommend is not the correct word in this case. I would say it is a MUST DO experience – for people all over the world. It offers a completely different feeling, from anything else out there in the world,” said Gomes.

It was the couple’s first visit to Africa, and they loved the distinctive cultural experience of meeting local people and eating the local cuisine. “Zimbabwean people are some of the most receptive people in the world. They were so hospitable and very considerate in every moment of our journey, eager to make our experience unique,” said Gomes.

Some of the activities the couple enjoyed was going on a river cruise and viewing the beautiful wildlife in their natural surroundings while cruising along the Zambezi River, as well as of course, the most crucial activity, visiting the Victoria Falls to enjoy the splendour and magic of this Wonder of the World.

And how did they end such a perfect stay?

The couple visited Victoria Falls River Lodge’s Africology affiliated Toa Spa on their last day at the Lodge.

“We visited the spa on the last day to relax before the start of our journey back, and it was a relaxing experience. The staff were very well-trained, and we enjoyed the tranquil spa environment, perfect spa products and wonderful massage,” said Gomes.

While the couple had already embarked on their next adventure destination, the Maldives, they were inspired by the Victoria Falls to visit the Iguaçu Falls in their home country, Brazil, which Gomes jokingly calls the “cousin” of Victoria Falls.

To view an overview video of their memories made at Victoria Falls River Lodge, watch the video below: