We understand that the call of Africa is hard to ignore, and this is true for Rama, an intrepid traveller who has seen many parts of the world. We were delighted to welcome Rama back to the lodge and know that she has left us with Africa beating fondly in her heart. Rama has visited 55 countries and is currently exploring the wonders of Poland.

Her most recent adventure at the lodge can be read below:

What made you decide to visit Victoria Falls River Lodge?

It is a question I am very happy to answer! I decided to come back here by choice because my first stay here was nothing far from perfect. It was very dreamy to the extent that I had to come back as soon as I could. The place was simply magical, beautiful, and breath-taking. The Victoria Falls River Lodge is a very luxuriant and luxurious place, perfectly adapted to your family or romantic stay. Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular. The symbiosis with nature is unique.

What was the highlight of your trip?

I have a hard time picking one particular moment. All activities I took part in during my stay made me feel like it was my favorite moment! From the beautiful sunsets to the heavenly breakfasts in front of the Zambezi, it is just mesmerizing. It would be a sin not to mention the emblematic Victoria Falls. I had a dinner onboard the Livingstone Express which seemed like time traveling. The game drive was particularly emotional for me, I was not expecting to see that many species in one place. It was grandiose!

Do you have some packing tips for anyone wishing to visit us?

Sometimes, the air can be dry and hot at the sometime, therefore, I would advise taking light material clothes, a sunhat, solar cream, and good pair of sunglasses. Take along a good pair of hiking shoes for long walks. You should consider a warm jacket because temperatures can drop at night depending on the seasons. Last but not least, take a good camera to immortalize your journey in heaven.

Any funny moments that you experienced with the wildlife?

I have had a very interesting encounter with a monkey.One morning, I was sitting on my bed and behind the glass door, I saw him. He was very observant. Perhaps was he watching his reflection in the mirror? Maybe he came by just to check on the new arrival. I started laughing uncontrollably because his mannerisms were so human-like, it was both fascinating and funny. I still giggle while thinking about my Lodge neighbor and I wonder if he could see me.

Now that you’ve seen the Falls in person, can you describe that experience to other travelers?

Visiting the Falls is like living a dream. It is very impressive and beautiful, the kind of delights only nature can provide. You get to see the strength of lady Victoria, the pressure is so high that you see smoke and clouds around it. The falls are what you would see if strength and beauty had a child together. It is just a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience that you should not miss. A gem surrounded by all the shades of green you could find in the palette of the greatest painter. Try going to the devil pool, if you like atypical visits, you might like it.

Which activities (besides visiting the Falls) did you most enjoy and why?

I fell in love with the Game drive! The hotel picked the perfect guide to show us around. I discovered fascinating landscapes with astonishing colors. I was spoiled during this trip. A few minutes into our safari, I was able to see elephants! And before sunset, I sighted a herd of wild buffalos drinking at a pond. I did not miss any moment of the show I was lucky enough to witness. I enjoyed the moment while having refreshments which simply adds to the magic… I was a bit sad to end the adventure but towards the end, I spotted a lioness in the middle of the road. She was watching us peacefully as to welcome us home. Then I identified a second lioness who seemed to head to work just like the busy moms you meet on the way. It was really emotional for me as my astrological sign is Leo. Before we recovered our emotions, we spotted hyenas, after monkeys, then impalas, and finally sables. I could not help but ask if they were having a meeting.

You could also try the River Cruise, a safari on the Zambezi! Explore their rich flora and fauna all day long. The bonus is that you don’t have to get wet at all!

Did you encounter any wildlife that you haven’t seen before in person?

Yes absolutely! I had never seen sables before. It was also my first time seeing lions and hyenas this close despite the long list of places where I traveled. It is always fun to watch documentaries or go to the zoo but nothing beats seeing real wildlife. It is very exciting! I was able to build lifelong memories that will forever stay with me.

To sum up your experience at the lodge, can you tell us about your stay in a few short sentences?

I felt so grounded and safe during my stay at the Victoria Falls River Lodge, to the extent that I call it home. Stress was gone, I had even forgotten I was at a hotel. The whole stay was a poem which lines you got to read one by one every day. As impressive as every verse might have been the whole poem lives a mark in your heart forever. I woke up very early to witness the sun bring colors to my surroundings. It was like witnessing an artist paint at the peak of his art. I did not miss a beat of the show as I was able to take a hot bath and my breakfast every day in front of the Zambezi. I was able to sightsee, breathe fresh air and eat delicious meals. I went on adventures and saw hippos, elephants, baby crocodiles, and giraffes.

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